Friday, January 28, 2011

Long ride down the east coast!

After a long ride down the coast from very snowy roads in Maine-with little sleep-staying over in New Jersey-across the river from New York City(with a dear friend)-and continuing down thru Washington DC and Richmond-spent another night on the other side. I finally made it to North Carolina and my daughter and little grandbaby!

Only to wake up next am and need to go to walk-in care-luckily it did not turn out to be as bad as I thought-so finally am enjoying not only the two of them-but some very nice warm weather-snow free !!                                                                          

 Tomorrow is Lucy's first day back to work-leaving her 3mos old little boy with me-we'll have a great time-but I feel bad for her-it will be rough!  It's only for a couple weeks till dad gets back from school. Then I hit the road for sunny-warmer Florida!!!

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Cat said...

That does sound like one long trip! Something tells me that you spending time with the 3 mo old isn't exactly "hard duty"... :)