Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beautiful horses & sleigh rides

The Beem Farm-photos from Feb.- 2010

I'm missing this year's fun sleigh event-some of these are handmade-and as you can see the horses are beautiful!


smilla4blogs said...

These photos are so special and remind me of one of my earliest posts about Horsepower Farm and the gracious people we met there. We took our grandchildren on a very memorable (Boxing Day!) sleigh ride.

Love your blueberries! Many thanks for stopping by!

Rae said...

Great pics! Jealous! Reminds me of my mom teaching me how to drive a team when I was a kid (wagons and drags, never as cool as driving a sleigh!)

Cat said...

I live next door to a trainer that teaches horse carraige-ing. Or however you say it. Driving carraiges... Anyway, I am just waiting to see if she would ever have enough snow here to do a sleigh. Something tells me I will have a long wait. So. I enjoy pictures like this, instead! :)


Amy said...

So far I´ve seen goats and these lovely horses on your blog- I´m still looking around but had to comment on this post when I saw the Norwegian Fjord you have many of these types of horses living near you?