Sunday, February 27, 2011

I love the Zoo!!

 This is a black bear-taking a bath!-they have a nice area-with a bridge-railroad trestle-trees-lots of rocks and grass-and a couple square meals a day-plus free health care!

 Six new 2 yrs and younger giraffes-they were transported-all male-in 13 foot horse trailers-enclosed-not like the old circus pictures we used to see(with their heads sticking out)!

 The monkeys and apes live on little islands in a lake -they can't swim-(so they don't need to be in cages)-they go from a couple islands to the other on rope bridges-and we go in a boat around the islands to watch them.

 The alligators are in a separate lake and we don't go near that!  Two fences around that!

One came all the way from California-one from Denver and the others from Florida zoos! No animals are caught in the wild for U.S. zoos-only born and traded in captivity-or rescued injured.
We love the Naples Zoo-it's about an hour down the road and we spent all day yesterday-husband loves the snakes-see photo! and alligators!  I prefer the giraffes- zebra and monkeys!


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Loving your blog. It's visually stunning!
Looking forward to following.


smilla4blogs said...

Rain, sleet and snow today in Maine...wishing I could have a (sunny!) day at the zoo! Love your photos, so expressive!