Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow up north-but beautiful here......

Well, I understand it looks like this up home from my kitchen window-will send you soon a picture of what it looks like from my kitchen window here now. Traveled in my trusty ole truck down the coast a couple more days and landed in North Ft. Myers, Florida-it's up in the 80's and need I say beautiful-with palm trees and flowers growing OUTSIDE-but alas going grocery shopping-cause no matter where where you are or the weather-that's what you have to do!! Gotta go so I can get back to catch the girls going over to Sanibel Island!!

My apologizes to the gingerbread lady for not acknowledging her as the author of this beautiful pattern-you can find it at her site!! The gingerbread lady!! thank you!! and my daughter thanks you too!!

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Peggy said...

love the kitty cat pattern! Never saw that pattern before. Hope you are having a blessed weekend!