Sunday, March 20, 2011

HAPPY SPRING~.we made it thus far~fair world..

Time to bring the old boots out of the cellar and let the hens & chicks start growing again!

T'n'T last spring-lovin' it!!  and loving to chew my pants!!  That's Twister & Tornado !!
Looks like a brain!!~but the sighting of 
these buds mean~spring!!
 And here comes the Easter Bunny!!
 Me and this little bunny and my maintenence man are off to the Tractor Supply Store!!  Fun trip~for those of you who don't have one nearby-it's worth the trip as far as you need to go!!  Have a great-warm melting day!!   Cause tomorrow they say 6 inches of the white ____?!~~Please don't let me bring back any chicks?????


Kelly said...

A very cute Easter Bunny! Have a great trip to Tractor Supply. It is like going to a candy store for farms.

Michaele said...

Tractor Supply is my favorite store! I love Hen and Chicks also - and your idea of growing them in an old boot.

Danni said...

Yay, Spring!
Bring it on, I am *so* ready for it!
Love those sweet goat faces... (and a very beautiful little Easter Bunny!!)

Jennifer said...

I love the old boot flower pot, too cute :)

Linda said...

I found you at Farm Friend Friday. I love the idea of the Hen & Chicks in the old boot. Your little "bunny" is adorable!

edenhills said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the hen and chicks in the boot. They are such a neat little plant, and I just can't keep them growing.


Verde Farm said...

Wonderful pictures!! I put hens and chicks in old boots too :) That is one cute Easter Bunny! So glad you joined up with Farm Friend Friday-glad to have you :)

Rain said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments my new friends! I've tried to answer everyone personally-when emails were available! It is so nice to be touch with people from all over with such similar interests!

Lili said...

Hey I didn't know we had a Tractor Supply store here! Proves I don't get out much, must be near Bangor. Love the hen & chicks in the boots. ~Lili