Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrate our Flag today!!!!!!!!

Traveling through Vermont--I love this barn with flag painted on it!!

 Veteran standing in front of American Legion hall after parade in Bucksport, Maine
At camp on Toddy Pond-my neice Coco putting up the flag on the float last 4th of July!!

A cross stitch sampler made by Jennifer over at Feathers in the Nest--check it out!!  She's offering this free sampler direction for those interested!

 The Freeport Flag Ladies greeting troops at the airport!
New dads coming through our airport get a teddy bear for their new babies they haven't met yet!!

 A group of American everyday citizens greet 95% of all soldiers going over and returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and other posts of danger overseas.  We are veterans-working moms-dads-retired folks-children-who believe that day or night there will be someone there at the airport in Bangor,Maine to shake their hands-give a welcome hug-free cell phone to call home-a snack or someone to talk to or listen--whether its day or middle of the night.  We don't know them-will never see them again-but we do know the importance of someone being there for them and their families-we take as many photos as possible also and put on our website for their families.     http://ourstopinmaine.smugmug.com

and of course..........................sporting his very patriotic doo-rag!!!!.................  


texwisgirl said...

oh, the dads traveling thru the airport receiving teddy bears for their babes... oh, pulled my heart out!!!

smilla4blogs said...

A beautiful post! I have photographed the troop greeters in Bangor and can say it is the most heartwarming sight in Maine. Unforgettable.

Michaele said...

This is a neat post. I am glad there are those who are dedicated to meeting veterans when they get off their flight, but sad that there might not be other loved ones there for them also.
You know I love that last photo!!

Kay's flowers said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I've never heard of this. And a free teddy bear or phone call or someone to talk to. This is priceless. We have so many wonderful people in our country who do things that we don't know about. This is a great place to live and I'm so thankful for people who do these kinds of things. Thank you!

Lili said...

Oh Alden is such a cutee Rain! Great post, and a couple times a year when I'm over at Bangor Airport seems like the troop greaters are always there, makes me so proud to see that. Didn't know about the teddy bears though, that is very cool. ~Lili