Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tribute to Honor Memorial Day

My daughter Lucy made these collages with her photo program-using the stones from a new Veterans Memorial in our town that has Veterans names from wars dating back to the Civil War.

This was a very good friend of Lucy and her husbands.  "Z" was a Marine with my son-in-law and was killed a few months ago in Afghanistan in the War against Terrorism.

        She did an awesome job on these-sent them to the families and posted them on her facebook and mine.

                     Hope everyone had a nice weekend and remembered to Remember!!


texwisgirl said...

that was really sweet. so great to keep their memories and their service alive...

smilla4blogs said...

Kudos to your daughter, Lucy, for these wonderful creations and tributes to your family and friends. We must never forget to honor those who have served.

Hope you had a happy and healthy Memorial Day weekend!