Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off my blog for 1 month tomorrow.....yeeks!!

 My wonderful cousin-Nancy-in Florida made me this beautiful sign for my chicken house!!  I love it!!

 3 of these 5 new darlins' turned out to be roos.......grrrrrrrrrr............supper!!!!!
 Castine Harbor~~a couple weeks ago I took mom for a drive down the coast-and had ice cream sundies on the dock and watched the boats in the harbor!  She doesn't get out much-she loved it!--memo to self--do that more often!!!

 Happy 4th of July!!!  at camp with 48 friends and family!    I made his little flag studded romper!!

 the little guys daddy was able to make it home for a week-sure made the little guy very happy boy!!
 My brother-Peter- and his son-Mat- welded together from parts they found in the dump-a charming brisket smoker!!  They are both part clowns-inventors and rednecks!!!

mutual admiration club!!
toes are delicious!!!!
Alden's new pool !!!  fun fun!!
 Making strawberry jam with an official tester!! 

 12 pints.....yummmmmm............

you need this box back......?!
the simplest things are the best!!


texwisgirl said...

oh, baby in a box! :)

loved the line part clowns, inventors & rednecks. classic!!!

looks like some great family time. awesome. and yes, you need to get your mom out to that beautiful seaside more often. :)

mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun post! Love the swimming fun, and the harbor pics are gorgeous! Your hen house sign ROCKS!

smilla4blogs said...

Beautiful series of family photos posted with makes your blog so special.

The last few days have been so you think Alden would share his fabulous pool?