Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Goin' to Chickens in the Road Retreat!!!!

I'm soooo excited..........
even my chickies are excited!!

they are mad because-NO-they are not going!!
So my handyman and I are packing up the rickety ole RV-camper-circ.1970-!- and heading down to WEST VIRGINIA!  Do I sound excited!!   I was never so surprised when I dreamily said I sure would like to go.....he said sign up!  This is a man who has taken ONE vacation in the 38++ years we have been together! (I on the other hand I'm sure you noticed take a low budget one frequently!!)  We are going to visit friends in Kentucky and his brother in Tennessee also-a whole 10 day trip-with two days at the retreat for classes-just me-and one day at the open farm day at Chickens in the Road!!  I will be blogging about this you can be sure!  Just got back from a 4 day weekend in the Berkshire Mts.,Mass. visiting his sister and her handyman-for a trial run with the very old RV that hasn't been used in a few years!  Need a few kinks worked out!  But it was a beautiful fun visit-and my handyman got to chainsaw down many trees -so he was happy too-except the 3 of us are Red Sox fans and he most definitely is not a sports fan-that nearly put him into a coma every evening!!
Looking at their cabin from the raspberry patch!

Morning sunrise from the camper-looking at the Berkshire Mountains-right in a valley!

the front porch and raised beds-beautiful

I love cone flowers!  so don't the butterflies!


Casablanca Lily-they had a lot of them!!  
Balloon flowers-before they open they look like hot air balloons!

they have an awesome fountain in the middle on one of their gardens!
and several hummingbird feeders -see the 2 zooming in at the same time!  they love to fight!
thought I'd try to load this-the quality isn't as good as it really is on the camera-must work on this!!

Have a beautiful week!!


Michaele said...

What a neat little cabin! I will be looking forward to more vacation photos, especially Kentucky!

TexWisGirl said...

gorgeous little cabin and area!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Our hummingbirds are so territorial - if one is feeding and another nears, he'll stop feeding just to chase him off!

Great cabin and pics of the flowers!

Hey, where in Tennessee will you be?

Lili said...

Oh Rain that sounds like so much fun, I didn't know about the "chickens in the road" event. I need to stop over and catch up on that blog. Hope you're having fun!! ~Lili