Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thousands of stitches from loving hands and hearts........

My mom made this in 1983. She won't sign any of her work.
This is one of my favorite Christmas ones.
My sister in law-Terry made this -also back in the 80's. How did we do this and make quilts and work outside the home and raise 2girls each. Oh yes our wonderful husbands!!
Mine in the middle and two of my brothers!! We were making many gallons of apple cider-pressed by hand-man power!-our bounty there in front!! This was in the early 80's also!!
Mom made this for me during my gnome liking era! I still love it-for earrings now!!
I made this!
Me too-this is about 10x14 inches!
This is one of my favorites!!
Worked on this fall-needs to be finished. Can you see the pumpkin?!
Finished-just needs to be framed!! Haha-I've still got it! Just concentrating on smaller pieces might work now!!


TexWisGirl said...

Lots of hard work!

Like your header!

Michaele said...

I have always wanted to do this. I like the verse on the first one best and the pumpkin is very cool too. One of my daughters did a lot of cross stitch and I know just how long it takes!

Michaele said...

p.s. I forgot - hop on over and check out today's post : )

smilla4blogs said...

Rain, this is a lovely collection of needlework straight from the heart...and passed on from mother to daughter. How wonderful your work represents your trips too, you'll always have a keepsake of happy times. Love the cider crew, great photo!

Debbie said...

Rain...thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love all of the needlework and especially love your enthusiasm about it all!! What a wonderful walk down memory lane with the photos....all that cider pressed by hand? Amazing! The "boys" in the photo looked like they were having a blast! I will be your blog...debbie

Daryl said...

Terrific post, fabulous photos!

Buttons said...

These are beautiful the hard work and love shows. Your Mom is very talented. You must take after her. B

Unknown said...

I LOVE all the pieces!!!! How special to have such lovely projects from your Mother, too!!! I agree with the others - you certainly take after her in the beautiful work that you do!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!