Monday, March 26, 2012

Relaxing for a few days with my guy in Florida!!

Thomas Edison's winter home in North Ft Myers

Orchids growing on palm tree trunks are everywhere

Edison's lab

Did you know he invented the movies!

Incredible story of a deaf man inventing musical instruments-he was so fascinating!

You can see the bite marks!

This phonograph was as tall as me.

My guy found this light bulb very interesting!

Such a clown! Chatting with
Mina Edison-his wife!

Picking one of Edison's grapefruit?!

I have one of those wonderful plants !

Beautiful blossoms!

You put the line in the coconut..........!

After 40+ years -cousins together again-! And what a fun-laughing -hugging-talking afternoon!!

Alligator tails and hush puppies.....oh we are in the south!!

Lunch at the Crab shack-right on the ocean! This is the first place I saw dolphins in the wild!!

One more day of flip flopping.....

Meanwhile back at the farm-the little guy gets to fly a tiny 8 seat plane to Cape Cod to visit his great grandparents!!

Looks small!!

The whole world out there..........


TexWisGirl said...

the yellow hibiscus is gorgeous! the time with cousins would be priceless. :) so glad you have had a great time! safe travels!

Trace4J said...

looks like a wonderful trip.
nothing like new treasured memories!

Lynne said...

Wonderful photo trip Rain . . . Isn't fun to reconnect with the past in "cousin time.". Loved the innocence of your precious little one "checking out the world" . . .

Kelly said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful trip. I too miss the warm spring weather in Florida. What a sweet little guy. I love his hair. Just like my little guy 32 years ago. LOL.

A Quiet Corner said...

What fun! It shows in the pictures!...:)JP

Michaele said...

You have too many great photos here for me to try to comment on the all! The museum looks so interesting! Love the shot of your husband studying the light bulb and of you chatting with a stone and of course the last one - which really does need framed : )

Lili said...

You definitely timed the weather just right to be away Rain. We're leaving soon too. It looks so tropical there and I can imagine how much fun you had. The little guy is so sweet. ~Lili

Daryl said...

love, Love, LOVE this blog post!
Great photos, great fun. Thanks for sharing this slice of life.

smilla4blogs said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely vacation memories...beautiful photos all! Perhaps there will be a few signs of spring when you return!

Madge Bloom said...

Looks like a fun trip... that bite mark thing was a bit weird, understandable, but weird...