Sunday, May 20, 2012

Forward my mail to Toddy Pond.............!

So I've finally reached the end of my rope..........let go ..........and landed at our family camp on the lake...... All by myself........quiet and peaceful!!!! It's wonderful
As much as I love my family
It was getting just too crazy at the
Place called home/zoo/circus.....!
So i threw essentials in my truck and if anyone wants to visit me I'm only
40 mins away!

I've been cleaning windows-9 of the 12 on the porch yesterday-plus the stove top under and inside it tomorrow!

Can you see the sunfish greeting me?

Morning coffee.......

Painted trillium

The only diamond ring I need!

Water is going lower to give us a little beach!

Early sunrise............what more can I say!!

This camp has been in our family for 50 years this summer.....if anything can give me the peace and strength I need -then all the happy memories my parents- three brothers and their wives and kids and my husband and kids and all our extended family have shared here.......all will be fine.... Have a wonderful week my blogger family!!


TexWisGirl said...

what a great place to have so close (and just far enough away!)

enjoy it, rain!

Buttons said...

Oh I am so envious this is a fantastic place full of good memories and fabulous views. Enjoy your little piece of heaven reality of the real world can wait. Have fun If you get to bored give me a call:) B

Michaele said...

Though we have different views from our windows (mine still dirty) I too have a refuge just 40 min away that I escape to. Sometimes with family, sometimes in spite of family and sometimes to get away from family.
Good for you Rain. Regenerate.

Rae said...

Rain, just have to say that your pictures are lovely! What a paradise!

Trace4J said...

Beautiful retreat.
God is good.
Have a wonderful time alone.
May you find peace and joy.
Be refreshed.

Lynne said...

Gorgeous setting! Good for you Rsin . . . when we know what we need, what is good for our soul and reach for it, do it, go to it . . . the best ever medicine comes to us three times over. The water looks so clear and clean . . . enjoy your solitude . . .until I arrive to spoil your quiet! Smile . . .

A Quiet Corner said...

I'm go glad that you are chillin! And, I'm really glad to included a picture of the trillium...I've never seen one and just said to myself today as I was walking out woods...I don't even know what one looks like!!! Now I do...thanks...:)JP

Anonymous said...

Lovely place... enjoy!

Daryl said...

thank you for sharing such loveliness!

smilla4blogs said...

Ah Rain, I know just what you mean...and your lovely photos echo those things I love best about Maine.

We bought our camp over 30 years ago. We were expats in Iran during the revolution with two small children in shock. Nothing could have healed us all better than that little still does.

Kelly@CCCC said...

Lucky to have your very own retreat to get away! When we moved a couple of months ago, that's how I feel about our new home. Not as secluded as I would have liked but way better nonetheless. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures.