Friday, March 11, 2011

1st day out of the barn this winter........

barn-laid them out-Shirley was the first adventurous one-then slowly the 
others followed....
                     Buff Orphingtons picked through the snow to the gravel-just loving it!

Dice K was trying to keep an eye on his girls-but they were scattering fast!

Pretty soon they got as far as the car-I knew they were headed to the doorstep-cause
they always get special treats there!!

 Willa-my white jungle fowl-really didn't want to get her feet on the snow or ice-but wanted to
be out and wanted treats! I hand raised her along since day one when her mom wouldn't let
her back in nest-all her sisters were pure black-alas. Carried her in a pouch around my neck for
warmth for first few weeks-shes at least 5 years old!  She totally snubs me now!?
You'd think she was a teenager!!

Finally reached the porch steps!!

Someones watching you little chickies!!

 Very interesting critters!!

So much snow still to melt!!

How many weeks/months will I be seeing green popping up in my bottle garden??!!
And birds using the tops of the hollowed bottles for sips of water.

Please excuse the quality of these photos -the zoo keeper was just using her
phone camera and slipping on the ice and we just wanted our treats~she doesn't
 always get her priorities straight!~~~Dice K & Laverne


Rae said...

I've never seen a Seabright before. She's lovely!

Peggy said...

Had to drool over that snow. I am such a snow, cold weather person yet live in the south... go figure. LOL Your hens look so healthy and happy. Have a wonderful weekend

Lili said...

I've never seen a bottle garden before, how does it work? ~Lili

Chai Chai said...

The bottle garden looks interesting, I too am curious how it works.

smilla4blogs said...

When I saw the first photos, I thought what am I missing up the road...spring?! This is a charming collection and I love your bottle garden...I have seen them down south too! I didn't know birds could "snub" learns something new every day! It must feel good to be home again!