Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hit me again bar keep......

Some of the many places little Alden stopped for a bottle on the ride with his grumpy and gigi up the coast from North Carolina to Maine a few days ago!

In McDonalds in North Carolina!-too interested in watching the people watch him though!

Next stop was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge--the ducks were a little distracting though! The rest area
restaurant was a nice break and the crab cakes were delicious!

Crossing the rest of the Bridge-Tunnel was something everyone should try to visit!

Somewhere in Delaware!

Thank goodness we finally made it to Edgewater, New Jersey-Auntie Bev was waiting with margaritas and a beer for grumpy-looking out over the magnificent New York skyline! Alden only had eyes for his own bottle again!
 Leaving Aunt Bevs-heading up Palisades Parkway to Tappen Zee bridge-Gigi had to pull over to take some parting shots of New York City-the Canadian geese were a nice touch!!  Didn't even care we were there.

Dunkin Donuts parking lot in Conn.~~
Please just get me home grumpy!!

Most Maineah's recognize this place on 95-in New Hampshire!


Recognize it now  !

                    If you put me back in that car seat~you will be sorry...................

Should we wake him up for almost the best part-the New Hampshire bridge crossing into Maine?!!

That would be a definite NO...........

So the front seat doesn't have a lot of  wiggle room either-25 miles from home-baby couldn't make it another mile without a stretch of the legs!

It's over!!!!!!!!!!!  Orrington-Maine~ Baby's new home for awhile-now to get mommy and daddy packed up-out of the Marines-pack up the kitties-did you say 6-yes~and they should be here in 3 weeks!!  Yay-do you think Gigi ~grumpy & aunt Mol-hee can handle me!!  Haha-we'll see!!


smilla4blogs said...

These are adorable photos of your journey of the heart! Welcome home to sunny Maine...and I do recognize that "bottle" stop in New Hampshire! Best wishes and good luck to your family.

Lili said...

Awww that was fun to watch! Alden is so sweet, bet you're in for an interesting couple of weeks! We got some of the snow melted for your return. Welcome home. ~Lili

Rae said...

Precious little one. Reminds me of my nephew when he was little and cute (he's now a grumpy teenager). Great pics!