Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Medieval Faire-Fort Myers,Fla-where winter is summer........

This post is dedicated to my new blogging friend Mimi-a pirate and my old friends-two pirates in Fla-Mike and Lisa!  Mike makes all his outfits and most of Lisa's!  They travel around Fla-and someday hope to move to N.C. to various Medieval events-it's great fun!!

Lisa and Mike

This little girl will remember this gallant knight for a long time!!

The delightful bobbles for display and sale are so colorful!
Playing life-size chess for the King & Queen

The storytellers are wonderful and very entertaining!  And a little naughty-as evidently washer wenches can be!!!!

This is the armor the knights wear-it's very interesting!!

Horses are magnificent!
They could split an apple on a post riding at breakneck speed!

The Knights costumes are very authentic!

Someone has to lose?!
Their outfits are incredible-the photo doesn't do them justice-hand carved in leather~really intricate!
Looney Lucy is a lovely musician and great story teller!

Another of the two washer wenches had the crowd roaring with their tales!!

Flower bouquets and halos with flowers and streaming ribbons for the ladies and little girls were a hit!

Life has to be full of characters!!  I love it!!


Kelly said...

It looks like fun was had by all and such lovely weather. Great for winter, not so much in summer.

Kelly said...

Hi Rain,
The web site for having the blog printed is: They have a soft cover that is very reasonable. It is like a journal of our trip to the poor house/farm. LOL. Take care.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Ooo! Ooo! I want to be there!
And that's Looney Lucy from OUR (Sterling) Faire!


Lili said...

Wow you got a perfect shot of that poor knight flying off his horse. Ouch! ~Lili

ethelmaepotter! said...

Hello! I dropped by to say thanks for visiting and following me, and I end up following you!

Your photography is excellent; I ADORE the close-up of the armor on horseback. And talk about timing - the knight flying through the air - WOW!

I've read down the whole page and find your farm life enchanting. LOVE the bottle garden - it looks like a fairy tale in the snow. And your English golden seabrights, Shirley and Cleo
are amazing - they look as if they were carved from some exotic wood. I've never even heard of that breed.

Thanks for an exciting day on the farm, in the snow, and at the medieval fair!