Friday, April 29, 2011

My cabin in the woods...stitched by mom

My mom cross stitched this beautiful wall hanging several years ago.

Here she is a couple weeks ago with my sister in law and one of her great-grandbabies-Brenden!--the only time you can catch her smiling on camera is with a grandchild!!!
This is so very special to me-my mom is in the hospital hopefully recovering from knee surgery and some complications afterwards that tend to happen more if you are 84-even if you are a tough ole lady!!  and she is-and an example to us all!!   Love you mom!!


texwisgirl said...

awww. keep healing, rain's mom!!! she still needs you!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

your mom is soo very talented, and i loved your wall hanging...all with the sweet animals that i see daily. i sure hope she heals and is back home soon!

Michaele said...

She looks grand for 84! Beautiful cross stitch. And I just love a refrigerator with lots of photos!

Susan said...

Your mom is beautiful. Such a handcrafted treasure she created for you!