Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To summerize April Fool's..........

In all fairness I do have a wonderful maintenance man-aka-husband-!!!But he happened to be away at a bullet reloading class in New Hampshire-for the weekend! So we had no power-no heat-4 mos old baby-couldn't get out of the driveway-for 14 hours! ~~But we had ammo??
My daughter has been away in North Carolina for 4 yrs-forgot how to drive in snow!? All  cars and trucks (4) were strewn through the driveway-blocking chickens barn door--blocking the exit to the driveway?~~Did manage to get this truck backed up enough so we could get into chick barn-on right!!

 Luckily my brother came by after distress text to his teenage sons -we thought he was working-and he shoveled the end where the snowplowed very heavy wet snow into a packed solid rock mountain!

 of course the little-but mighty Mazda from N.C. was crossways in the driveway!
and then finally the heat & power came on!   Oh yes, we have heated with woodstove for 30 yrs here in the woods of Maine-this is the first year we finally got a wonderful pellet stove--and have all the parts sitting in the maintenance man's garage waiting to be assembled so it could switch over immediately to the backup adapter.??????    It's on the neverending list on the homestead-you all are familiar with...!?

Wake me up when this nightmare is over~~~I'm dreamin' of the warm North Carolina days!!


texwisgirl said...

oh dear. what an (almost) disaster!

ethelmaepotter! said...

OMG, the flamingo in the snow is hilarious! And what an adorable baby, sleeping through the whole nightmare!

I'd trade MY husband for a tractor. Or a wheelbarrow. Or maybe even a 14 pound box of cat litter.

Lili said...

Oh Man! Yep, this is Maine. ~Lili