Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantastic CITR retreat in WestVirginia!!!

Seriously working at CITR retreat 2011!!
I'm in pink and I only look like I'm instructing......I really learned so much!!
My pickles
Making mozeralla. And it was delicious!!
Guys were there too!
Made butter the old fashion way-just shook the jar! And shook and shook and shook........!
She had awesome homemade cheese speeds to taste!
Suzanne was just like we pictured!
Looked out over the mts and horses- no cell service-first time I've been cell-free for a lllooong time!! But they kept us busy-more pics to follow from other camera. Oh and usual temp is 75 this time of yr-hit 100 both days-no AC!! I drank more H2o then I've had in 3 yrs!!
There are 352 sets of these huge crosses in West Virginia-very nice
Got my own set of truck keys at lowes in WV-traveling w my guy who misplaces everything-we took off this am w bag of trash on hood!! Didn't get far.......?! I feel better!!
Neat little church way up a mountainside
And then up saw the back side!!! Love it-his and hers outhouse!!


TexWisGirl said...

how cute are you! glad you had a good time (even in the heat). Suzanne looks thin. it's been a while since i've visited her blog. :)

Michaele said...

What a fun thing to do! You always seem to have such a good time. I would love to see WV someday.

Mary Ann said...

I would have LOVED to have gone to the CITR retreat! Lucky! I'm glad you had a good time, it looked like everyone did!

Lynne said...

What fun . . . I liked the "butter shaker!"

smilla4blogs said...

Hello Rain! I love this whole series that speaks so strongly of American culture. Your shots of the West Virginia countryside are beautiful and truly give a sense of place, but the one I love best is the simple image of the car keys on the road map. I can't imagine a more poignant photograph.

Lili said...

That is so cool to see pics from the CITR retreat. I need to go visit that blog again. ~Lili