Thursday, September 8, 2011

Made it to Tennessee!!!!

Rained and blew so hard in Kentucky our little camper was floating around the campground hoping to grab onto a stump or picnic table!! Waiting for Noah to let us on his next shuttle!! Made it to caves so maintenance man was happy! Then to Tenn and his brothers family last night!
Maintenance man and brother Mike-they look so much like their father did!!
Little Emiliegh warmed right up to uncle George when he showed her pics of Alden!!
Next day we headed for Nashville-but drat-didn't have time to stop for even a minute!
Have gotten a lot of comments about our 25 yr old vintage camper along the way!!
Spent all day traveling from Knoxville to the West Virginia border-campground now and tomorrow into Harpers Ferry and more civil war tour!?!?
And while we have been gone the little guys daddy got home for 4 day visit--this pic shows what they both thought of that!! Precious look!


TexWisGirl said...

cute little one at the end. be safe in those rains and storms!

Michaele said...

Oh you are just having a blast aren't you?! Love the T-shirt. Thanks for taking us along.