Friday, October 28, 2011

Cape Cod in October!

It's so beautiful here on the Cape-and peaceful with the extra summer people gone! Just us New Englanders!
We love the tourists-need them if course-but nice to have down time too!
The lighthouses are my favorites!
The ocean is wonderful of course!
There are wild swans-and they ate beautiful-they mate for life!
Neat old churches
But oh my-Halloween is a favorite here in New England!
I have about 50 other pics if this one ladies yard-will have to share when I get home!!
And we can be a little frivolous.......!
Can u see what's on top of this stump about 20 feet in the air! One of my fav birds-not native to area!- flamingos! Love this!!


Trace4J said...

Beautiful pictures.
I just love the lighthouses.
Bet you are so happy when all the tourists leave.
Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

I think lighthouses are one of the very best aspects of New England. I love the Halloween house pics. That took alot of time and energy. Tourists are wonderful and then they go home. Great arrangement. We get to live in vacation land all year round. LOL

TexWisGirl said...

the area is beautiful, then you made me laugh with the headstones and flamingo. :)

Michaele said...

This is some awesome decorating! Also, I need to put "see a real lighthouse" on my bucket list.

Now, where's that baby?

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I have always thought the Cape to be the most wonderful place in the world. And all that pirate lore.......! Love your pics!


smilla4blogs said...

I haven't been to Cape Cod in years! Your lovely series is inspiring me to go. All great shots, but my absolute favorite is the yellow ribbon on the split rail fence. Your composition makes it even more poignant.

Lili said...

I have a friend that lives on the Cape and I can't believe I've never even been there. I really enjoyed seeing all these pics Rain. It looks like a place I would really enjoy. ~Lili

Buttons said...

Oh I would love to see a real lighthouse it is so beautiful there. I must visit Cape Cod someday.
Awesome photos and awesome decorating. B