Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heading back to Mass-artist open house and shopping.....

She sketches the most incredible birds!

Stonewall cafe and gift shop -2 hrs down the road! Helping the economy one store at a time!!

The artist-Alyssa watters-in her studio

17 knowlton St. Beverly mass-will show her work when I get home!

I love this bureau she found on curb and painted-handles are beads!

Course u know we had to stop at the beach

Seabrook New Hampshire

Love the ocean!

Just a block from Mimis beach house. Next summers scrap retreat! It's a neat old cape-one of several originals surrounded by the wealthy-come-latelys!

I crocheted 6 little stockings for the little guys Advent wall hanging-on the ride down!

He's happy about that!!

Wrapped things up-after several stops to help the economy-retail wise!! Supper at the 99-and heading up 95-home by bedtime! With a little time to hide Christmas presents!! Margaritas were perfect-Terry snuck a sip of mine!!


Trace4J said...

Good Morning Friend
What beautifu photos! You have a beautiful smile too. Show a happy gal! ANd the little man is so sweet. I just love the little stockings.
Can't wait to see all your trees.How many did you say you put up again????
Hugs Trace

Michaele said...

Oh he is growing so fast! So glad you could help out the economy lol sound like a great time.

Buttons said...

Oh I love your little man he is very handsome.
I like the way you think helping the economy one store at a time. I live in Canada and yes I do my part too :). Love your photos and the little shop with the cool dresser is awesome. Take care B

Lili said...

It was fun going shopping with you Rain! The beach looked cold, but still so pretty. And what a happy little guy you had to keep you company, he's getting so big! ~Lili

smilla4blogs said...

Perfection! Family, friends, the shore and shopping...we could all take a lesson from your lovely post. Everything in balance with lots of heart! Happy Thanksgiving, Rain!